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Biography :

Necrophagia was one of the first death metal bands. The band was assembled in Wellsville, Ohio in 1983. Their name derives from the act of cannibalizing, or eating a corpse. The word derives from the two Greek words nekron (corpse) and phagein (to eat).

History :

Early days

Necrophagia was a popular group in the underground "tape trading" scene of the early-to-mid-1980s. Featuring hard-driving metal and growling vocals, Necrophagia became a pioneer in the fledgling extreme metal genre. Their first full-length album, Season of the Dead, was recorded and released in 1987.
[edit] With Phil Anselmo

The band then split up due to musical differences, and lay dormant until 1997 when frontman Killjoy reformed the band with then Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo (under the pseudonym Anton Crowley) on guitars, Wayne Fabra on drums and Dustin Havnen on bass. This lineup released the album Holocausto de la Morte and the EP Black Blood Vomitorium. Havnen was then replaced by Jared Faulk, with Gorelord mainman Frediablo also joining as a second guitarist and Opal Enthroned (then Anselmo's wife) joining the band on keyboards. This line up released the Cannibal Holocaust EP in 2001 before splitting up leaving Killjoy & Frediablo as the only members for a short time.
[edit] 2002 to 2006

In 2002 Killjoy announced the new Necrophagia line-up. Joining him and Frediablo would be Frediablos brother Fug on guitar, Iscariah (formerly of Immortal) on bass, Titta Tanni on drums and Mirai Kawashima of Japanese avant-garde black metal band Sigh on keyboards. This proved to be the most productive time for Necrophagia, with all members concentrating on the band rather than treating it as a side project. They released the albums The Divine Art of Torture and Harvest Ritual Vol. 1, as well as the Goblins Be Thine EP.

On June 6, 2006 Necrophagia released Slit Wrists And Casket Rot, a live album from their "Harvesting the Dead" tour.

Frediablo left the band in early 2006 to concentrate on his other band Gorelord, and has been replaced by Undead Torment.
[edit] Death Trip 69

On 22 December 2007 Necrophagia announced that Death Trip 69, will be released before Summer 2008, followed by a major tour, but the release of the album has been delayed. The exact release date is yet unknown but according to the band it will be out in 2010. Death Trip 69 will feature several guest appearances, including lead guitar parts by Mick Thomson from Slipknot. Opal Enthroned rejoined the band on 5 March 2008[1]. Recently, Boris Randall has been announced as the new guitarist for the band. He will be a part of Deathtrip 69, scheduled to be released on October 31st, current year. Some of the song titles have been revealed, and they are as it follows:

"Suffering Comes in Sixes" "Reborn Through Blackmass" "Celluliod Screams" "Bleeding Eyes of the Eternally Damned"

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Killjoy - Vocals
* Undead Torment - Guitar
* Boris Randall - Guitar
* Damien Matthews - Bass Guitar
* Shawn Slusarek - Drums

Former Members :

* Fug - Guitar
* Frediablo - Guitar
* Phil Anselmo - Guitar
* Larry "Madthrash" Madison - Guitar (1st Album only)
* Ben "Killer" Martin - Guitar
* Iscariah - Bass Guitar
* Jared Faulk - Bass Guitar
* Dustin Havnen - Bass Guitar
* Bill "Blaster" Bork - Bass Guitar (1st Album only)
* Titta Tani - Drums
* Wayne Fabra - Drums
* Joe "Voyer" Blazer - Drums (1st Album only)
* Opal Enthroned - Keyboards
* Mirai Kawashima - Keyboards

Influences :

* Hellhammer
* Venom
* Lucio Fulci
* Coffin Joe
* Goblin
* Fabio Frizzi
* Aleister Crowley
* The Plasmatics
* Sex Pistols
* The Exorcist

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