Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radical Artery

Biography :

Radical Artery is a band that was formed in November 2008. Radical Artery want to add a collection of underground bands in Indonesia, with Brutal Death Metal genre that have an influence from Cannibal Corps, Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh. Radical artery formed as a performance that will give a color treat in our music that will bring the underground music and want to change all of the old and out something new. Brutal Death Metal filled flow with emotion the soul of the underground music lovers. Vocal growl: Dhana, Guitar: Bernad, Bass: Ricky, Drummer: Tarno (Toothless) by shouting cries of life, and death is in vain. Our theme music background humanitarian concerns that never changes and start the loss of life of each human rights to life just the slogans and promises only promoted by some people who only pretend to care but no evidence. Base camp RADICAL ARTERY at INTRO Studio Bugel Mas Indah Block A5 No. 3 kec. Karawaci, Tangerang City CONTACT PERSON : +622192883541 / +6285732320006 Email: myspace: wwww.myspace.com/radicalartery RADICAL ARTERY squad Vockill : dhana Guitars : Bernad Bass : Ricky Drummer : Tarno (omponk) Discography: Radical Artery Secred of God Demo 2008: 1. Dead useless 2. Secret of god 3. Propaganda 4. Secret of god, part 2 5. Zionis is ASU (USA) fuck Israel Single Album 2008: 1, Secret of God 2. Secret of God part 2 Beyond the Death lost Demo 2010 1. Beyond the death lost 2. Life Crush Gigs Radical Artery: 1. Jakarta Fear, 1 februari 2009, jakarta 2. Trendy Bangsat 11, 1 februari 2009, Surabaya 3. Freedom for Palestine , 28 februari 2009, Cikarang Bekasi 4. First Moon In Bloody New Year, 23 january 2010, Rossi cafe

Band Members :

* Dhana - Vocals
* Bernad - Guitar
* Ricky - Bass
* Tarno 'Omponk' - Drums

Influences :

* Deeds OF Flesh
* Cannibal Corpse
* Disgorge
* Dying Fetus

Free Download Radical Artery's MP3 :

* Radical Artery - Beyond The Death Lost
* Radical Artery - Life Crush

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