Friday, September 10, 2010

Infected Voice

Biography :

This band was started in august 2008.this band wa born in east jakarta.the band has a personel in beginning. there is jawa as vocal, rolas as 6 strings ( lead ), lucas as 4 strings, and iqbal as drums. then came the 5th personel, dayat as 6 strings ( rythem ) in february 2009. in the beginning we try to play death metal, but that is not working and then we decide to play metalcore. in this genre we play more comfort than before the reason we've made this band of coourse not to become number one are be the famous band, we made this band because we want to explore our music talent and so of course to be heard! so here we are "INFECTED VOICE" Hope you guys like our songs......

Band Members :

* Jawa - Vocals
* Rolas - Lead Guitar
* Dayat - Guitar
* Lucas - Bass
* Iqbal - Drums

Free Download Infected Voice's MP3 :

* Infected Voice - Black of The Otherside
* Infected Voice - Failled Created

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