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Biography :

I cannot recall when the notion of a band was first conceived. It must have been an age ago... VESANIA has existed throughout all eternity. Only the passage of time was required to facilitate the meeting of those involved, the people who would possess an understanding of Its meaning. VESANIA is the Black Metal manifestation of brutality via madness, a mad vision in a mad form. It is an art of the unreal. By definition, madness is that which cannot be comprehended yet often, in spite of being stigmatised, it evidences the highest form of Wisdom. VESANIA is the art that embodies the Truth as perceived by our eyes. There is insanity, magick and sadness. There is union, war, blood and grief. Finally, there is a fire, a coldness, a hatred and a darkness that resides betwixt the hateworks of VESANIA.


1997-2000: VESANIA formed at the end of 1997 in Warsaw, Poland. At the time, the line-up comprised Orion on guitars and vocals, Daray on drums and percussion, and Heinrich on bass. As the band developed their sound, they soon recognized the need to expand. And so the band went through several line-up changes. Hatrah joined on keys and then Annahvahr also on guitars and vocals. VESANIA split with Hatrah by 1999 and the position remained vacant until the fall of 2000 when Siegmar joined the band.

2001-2002: VESANIA performed live throughout Poland. The band recognizes the importance of playing in a live environment and views it as a very intrical part of their art. Simultaneously, they continued to work on new material for a full length album. Early 2002 saw the release of 1998 material entitled “Moonastray" on Odium Records; a limited edition split CD with Black Altar. The positive developments of the past year, gave way to recording plans that finally were realized in the spring of 2002. VESANIA entered Selani Studio (Vader, Christ Agony, Lux Occulta) under the guidance of producer Szymon "Szymonaz" Czech.

2003: VESANIA’s "Firefrost Arcanum" debut cd was released in January 2003 on Empire Records. This album proved to be a breakthrough for the band in Poland. Since its release, they appeared often in the Polish media and VESANIA continued to perform live shows including Metalmania Festival 2003 (Samael, Marduk, Malevolent Creation) and Vader’s 2003 Blitzkrieg Tour. Annahvahr had left the band in 2003, so he was replaced by the session guitarists for the live performances.

2004: With the passing of time, two of VESANIA’s band members joined two other bands. In 2003 Orion joined Behemoth and Daray replaced Doc in Vader the following year. With two mentioned bands being from now on an important part of VESANIA members’ schedule, yet these events did not keep VESANIA away from further musical endeavours. At the end of 2004, they were back in the studio recording their second album, "God The Lux". In Lublin’s own Hendrix Studio (Behemoth, Azarath) the band began work with sound engineer Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski at the helm.

2005: VESANIA finished "God The Lux" at Hertz Studio (Vader, Decapitated, Dies Irae) in Bialystok, mixing and mastering the album with the aid of the Wieslawscy brothers. Two major breakthroughs followed: the signing of a new deal, with Massive Management (Vader, Decapitated) and signing a recording contract with NAPALM RECORDS. “God The Lux” was released in spring this year, with two different album covers (separate one for Empire Records in Poland). Getting good reviews in worldwide metal press, the album became VESANIA’s beginning for the activity outside of Poland.

2006: For the promotion of “God The Lux” VESANIA performed live throughout Poland and Europe. To count out the events: European Domination tour with Cryptopsy, Grave, Aborted, the Polish Blitzkrieg tour with Vader, headlining God The Black Tour in Russia, Scandinavian tour with Cryptopsy and Metamania Festival in Poland – summing up, over 70 shows altogether. The tours exposed the band to the wide audience, established a solid fan-base and at the same time they proved live performance being an important value of VESANIA. Also during those tours, the guitar player Valeo joined the band as a permanent member.

2007: For the first months of this year, VESANIA remained locked in their rehearsal room, going through the gathered ideas, composing new material. The recording session of third album took place in X Studio in Olsztyn (Antigamma, Nyia), with Szymon Czech being the co-producer and the sound engineer. “Distractive Killusions” is coming out in November 2007 on NAPALM RECORDS.

Band Members :

* Orion - Guitars and Vocals
* Daray - Drums and Percussion
* Siegmar - Keymaster
* Heinrich - Bass
* Valeo - Guitars

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