Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Biography :

At the end of 2007 four virgin bandung build a spirit of creativity in the musical rhythm of death "Death Metal" .. and make a band name is "cranial" with the meaning of Part of human skull bone. Rindra Together (Vocal), Doplin (Guitar), Dwi (Drum) while Wes (bass), who recently just got out because there are others: personal interests, even though three will but not discouraged us to achieve one's vision and mission. Second song material was eventually consumed in the compilation can be brutally Sickness Mutilated Orgasm (ESP) and also Panceg Dina Lines (PIECES record). Create the Death Metal Fiend tear, incision, and will blow we pour in the boiling smell of death that seemed KILLED. Stay Metal Keep Brutal!!

Band Members :

* Rindra - Vocals
* Doplin - Guitar
* Wes - Bass
* Dwi - Drums

Influences :

* Suffocation
* Deed Of Flesh
* Dying Fetus
* Aborted
* Disgorge
* Abominable Putridity
* Mortal Decay

Free Download Cranial's MP3 :

* Cranial - Cremation of Humans
* Cranial - Flatery of The Hell Island
* Cranial - Senyawa Tubuh Terbelah

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