Monday, June 21, 2010


Biography :

Such is some words from on Pickwolf. It is a new attack from the minority, an effort to show their teetch to the common society. PICKWOLF established in mid 2007 and they choose to play stoner metal rock, since they felt bored with the music trend at the time, where each of the Pickwolf’s stonerhead are also in other bands that play different kinds of music.

Taking its root on the Southern Rock, they are much influenced by the sound of bands such as: Metallica, The Sword, Pantera, Every Time I Die, Maylene And The Son Of Disaster, Cancer Bats, and others. They give special attention lyrics writing, they choose criticize social trends. With witty and straight forward lyrics style, they wanted to provoke society’s mind to be more open towards their surroundings. It is also a kind of protest on the current system that is outdated. To avoid stagnancy, Pickwolf always tries to explore and improvise their music, putting in patterns of rock n roll, metalcore, hardcore, and many more. Aside from putting out their sense of creativity, this is also aimed to make Pickwolf as a band from Malang that is always have its special unique characteristics.

Band Members :

* Awang - Vocals
* Angga - Guitar
* Christian - Guitar
* Wira - Bass
* Atenk - Drums

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