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Biography :

Sickmath was established since 2005, the name was taken from a keyword "stay sick and burn wit us", “Sickmath” itself could be also visualizedas a straight line to show the consistancy of this band in the “death metal” stream .

SICKMATH DEATH METAL band from cimanggis west java-indonesia which was founded in early 2006 with the formation ANOM (guitar, vocals), buyung (drums) and YUDI (bass) with EP: THE CIRCLE OF DEATH (2005) self-release and SPLIT ALBUM (2005) with KRANDAMAYAT (north Jakarta) with a label BCEX MUSIC recs. but buyung was replaced in 2007 with Abeng drum position..

and in 2008 the last SICKMATH changing formations: yudi (bass), anom (vocals), nico (guitar) and leohardy (drum ) influence on oldskull metal / death metal music like morbid angel, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, disavowed, sepultura and siksakubur.

TERAPI GILA track is also included in the "FROM DUST TO DUST 'COMPILATION released by the label Chaotic Recs. is not it at that, the trackTERAPI GILA come back to enliven a music event in the European metal, with the name of the show "THE MEAT GRINDER" radio show with the poll results radio show listeners request it.

at the middle of 2010 this year SICKMATH back into the compilation album " BRUTAL DISASTER - Chapter Sick Compilation which will be released by the label with NO LABEL RECORDS tittle track INFEKSI MASSA HITAM.

In September 2009 SICKMATH already completed the process of recording for the album. In this album there are some changes in musical arrangements more fresh by writing lyrics that what happened in this country and from various environmental bad influence, sickmath are now under the label PIECES recs and SEQUEEN ...

just SICKMATH attend (KEDIRI DEATH FEST - KEDIRI) and RIOT IN PEACE in semarang...
see you in stage !!


* Budak Masa Kini (single) 2006
* The Circle Of Death (split album) 2006
* From Dust To Dust (compilation) 2009
* Brutal Disaster - Chapter Sick Compilation (compilation) 2010
* Feasting The Dead (album) 2010

Band Members :

* Anom Sick - Vocals
* Nico Supersatan - Guitar
* Yudhi - Bass
* Leohardy - Drums

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