Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Demented Heart

Biography :

Three retainer from the home town of Kediri a member Ary beranama Demented Heart - Bass, Avaness - Guitar / Vocal, Zane - Drum just regurgitate her first album, entitled Seeds of The Venomous to contain nine songs such as Error Suggestion, Fill Full Fall, Have A Nice Die, Tortored Abstraction, Insane, Seeds Of The Venomous is part of the album.

Technical Death Metal, by bringing them tried to storm a bandage plus an all-out rhythm guitar melodies are truly tragic without the slightest pause in his songs that blended the music is not half-hearted can stimulate adrenaline and pride in us as a lover of death metal.

You can imagine how ganasnya between fusion of Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Cynic merged into one in this album? how sick they are. At the end of the album, we played a song from Judas Priest's Painkiller entitled aaarghhh damn! incredible that they can present with a cruel and sadistic with Heart Demented version.

Demented Heart is a newcomer in Indonesia but the metal music scene regardless of their age relatively new, musicality and skill they could no doubt to compete with other bands that had preceded them.

Band Members:

* Avaness - Guitar and Vocals
* Ary - Bass
* Zane - Drums

Free Download Demented Heart's MP3 :

* Demented Heart - Error Sugestion
* Demented Heart - Have a Nice Die
* Demented Heart - Insane
* Demented Heart - The Minor Abstract

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