Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down For Life

Biography :

Welcome to the new empire ..! A long collectivity with passion and more fresh blood that is spread out straightforwardly. Still in the same corridor that hard .. but with a scary horror ambient. Having experienced a period - the full transition period the cult of sweat and metal .. this is the forces of Hell ... Pig DOWN FOR LIFE. Starting in late 1999 after a long, exhausting phase finally arrived in the era of 2007. Hell Pig forces with the city of Solo as a cage to compile all the ammunition. With some individuals who have become legion of troops involved, namely Anang aka Farid Acheng (Underdog-Solo) and Doddy (Traxtor / Brutal Corpse / Mortorg-Yogyakarta), also some friends who helped in several projects both recording and live perfomance like Oky aka Andreas Gembus (Mock Me Not-Yogyakarta), Novianto Koploh (The Rival-Solo), Godhot (Fat in Diet-Salatiga), and Sofyan (Death Vomit-Yogyakarta). Through many periods and this legion of tersahih for now: Stephanus Adjie (ex-Sabotage Yogyakarta), Imam Santoso (ex-Delanggu Full Stricken), Sigit Pratama (ex full Stricken, orrupshitx-Delanggu, Semarang), Ahmad'Jojo'Ashari ( ex Apoticore, Nes x-Solo) and Revelation Jayadi (Arm of The View-Solo). Armed with a demo contains 12 songs with several hit singles Change, Pasoepati, was stabbed from the rear and other songs of this legion beat hundreds of gigs in the city or outside the city of Solo. Some good talks with several major and minor labels did not find significant common ground. Several singles compilation released in a few projects and sampler, some friends released homemade video clips, some live video circulating officially and unofficially. Circulated demo for free and widespread in Indonesia ... with no official release of the album. A journey that nothing - nothing without real work. In the mid-year 2007 with the support of a national tobacco product X Mild prepare minor label debut album through alliances.

Band Members :

*Stefanus Adjie - Vocals
*Sigit - Guitar
*Imam - Guitar
*Jojo - Bass
*Uziel - Drums

Free Download Down For Life's MP3 :

* Down For Life - Birth After Birth
* Down For Life - Change
* Down For Life - Elegi Lingkar Utopis
* Down For Life - In The Beginning
* Down For Life - Ketakutan Tanpa Alasan
* Down For Life - Menuju Matahari
* Down For Life - Menuju Matahari Feat Didik Crow
* Down For Life - Mistakes
* Down For Life - Pasoepati
* Down For Life - Similarity
* Down For Life - Tanpa Rasa Lelah Terus Berusaha
* Down For Life - Tertikam Dari Belakang
* Down For Life - Violence To Existence

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