Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taste Of Poison

Biography :

TASTE OF POISON was founded in May 2007, meet at State University of Malang (Indonesia). With their music based on melody and breakdown rhytm TASTE OF POISON is a collection of musicians who are determined to make themselves known in the sprawling underground metal scene. Bringing together elements of Melodic, Metal, Hardcore, a little bit Death, Taste of Poison strives to push themselves to musical limits and re-define the metal melody and the beautiful. With an undying work ethic and intense live performances, Taste of Poison will poisoning you! banging your head! kicking your ass! till you get fucking crazy in the dance floor! till your legs down!

Band Members :

* Putra - Vocals
* Rendy - Guitar
* Oky - Guitar
* Daniar - Drums

Free Download Taste of Poison's MP3 :

* Taste of Poison - Burn and Lie.mp3
* Taste of Poison - Through The Paroxysm of War.mp3
* Taste of Poison - Tyrany of Human Fools.mp3

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