Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evil By Envy

Biography :

Formed on feb 2008 at malang city in junior high school grade , first endar , risang , fahri and dito make an band named 'my dirty diary' just for fun and fill up a free time . many gigs we play together in this formation with covering many songs from other bands , haha this fckin shit exp dude ! as long as after junior high school ends rifki sign from formation become our new voc some day after this we've change evil by envy / ivy become our name . we choose screamo metal for our genre , with many influence like blessthefall , the devil wears prada , underoath , alesana and many more .
So now our formation is rifki as vox endar as guitar fahri as guitar vox dito as bass risang as drum . currently we launch our first demo "Hope You Die Today" in AA studio . now we solve our second songs and prepare for second demo records . so come on support us fellaz ! cause without you we are nothing !!

Band Members :

*Rifki - Vocalist
*Fahri - Guitarist and Backing Vocal
*Endar - Guitarist
*Dito - Bassist
*Risang as Drummers

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