Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Torment Murderer

Biography :

At the beginning of 2006. The band was formed by Andre (Guitar / Vocal), Donie (drums) and brought the genre DEATH Grind. The band had recruited Dhanny (Bass), because there are no matches in this band, The Band out Dhany. The band due to lack of personnel did not last long, mid-2007 the band Vacum. Andre formed early 2007 that carries the flow Band Black Metal that is "FETID". However FETID problems and finally vacuum. At that time Donie and Andre agreed to continue the band. But the band is still facing the same problem, since it has no vocals. Mid-month February 2009, the band recruited Bagus (Vocal), which is none other than the little brother Andre (guitar). And formed again "Torment Murderer" which brought Brutal Death Metal genre. Final formation of this band is Bagus (vocals), Andre (Guitar), Donie (drums). In the year 2009 With New Line Up: ~ Bagus: Vocal ~ Andre: Guitar ~ Chesil: Guitar ~ Donie: Drumm.

Band Members :

*Bagus - Vocalist
*Andre - Guitarist
*Chesil - Guitarist
*Donie - Drummers

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