Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Biography :

FETID is a nuanced Underground rock band BLACK METAL homage standing MALANG EAST JAVA INDONESIA earlier in the year 2006. FETID founders are: Rama Love Satan (vocals), Andre (tremolo pick guitars), Qwal iblyssic (bass). after walking a while, we finally strengthened by recruiting Nanang music as drummer. And the final formation of FETID are:-Rama Love Satan (demon scream vocals), Andre (tremolo pick guitars)-Qwal iblyssic (bass)-Nanang (drumm).

Band Members :

*Rama Love Satan - Demon Scream Vocal
*Andre - Tremolo Pick Guitars
*Owal Iblyssic - Bassist
*Nanang - Drummers

Free Download Fetid's MP3 :

* Fetid - Noise and Punk

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