Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slaughter Victim

Biography :

We're an indonesian metal band,precisely in east java [malang] town of rock with its pride. We were formed in 2005 with formation now : CIMENK [Vocal], ARHAM [Guitar], VICKY [Guitar], LOLA [Bass],RENDY [Drum] . Name of Slaughter Victim synonym metally, heat, cruel, and podium action which is powerly spirit. But for we only a expression, and delectation of ekstase which is natural, like mysterious and beautiful eclipse, but normal at the same time natural and. Possible that's making music and appearance which we play felt so reality,do not pretensius,do not be pretended.

Band Members :

*Cimenk - Vocalist
*Arham - Guitarist
*Vicky - Guitarist
*Lola - Bassist
*Rendy - Drummers

Free Download Slaughter Victim's MP3 :

* Slaughter Victim - Arogance
* Slaughter Victim - Neraka 17
* Slaughter Victim - Sesal
* Slaughter Victim - The Hypocrite and The Treason

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