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Biography :

Sekarat was founded in 1993 when five individuals of different backgrounds found a philosophy and spirit of death metal in them. Francis (vocals), Arkam (guitars), Ateng (guitars), Ari (bass), and Purwo (drums) embody their soul of mayhem in a wild place without limit where norms and rules are abstained, a stage where death metal is a symbol of existence. At that time they still carry the name of Malignant Covenant until the year 1997 when they had to struggle and bleed for the survival of the band and changed their name to Sekarat. Dhiek (ex- Sectordeath, Keramat) took over the guitarist spot left by Arkam and brought new spirit in the band. The dynamics and pressures had brought them to a higher level where their lives had become a real salvation for the sake of death metal. The struggles had finally paid off; In 1998 Sekarat released the first album titled 'Tragic Incident' (Adrenal Records). With a never ending passion of death metal, Sekarat released their second album titled 'Save Indonesian Ground' (Confuse Records) in 2000. Four years after their second album, Yudha (ex-Radicalsquad, Mysticism, Akasia, Ataxia) was assigned to fill the drummer spot. With Yudha on board, Sekarat released an EP in 2009 which titled 'Confounded by Hatred'. After more than ten years of existence in the scene of death metal music, Sekarat have proven that they will only stop at the death's hollow

Band Members :

* Francis - Vocals
* Dhidiek - Guitar
* Rano - Bass
* Yudha - Drums

Influences :

* Human Rejection
* Cannibal Corpse
* Disavowed
* Dying Fetus

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