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Extreme Decay

Biography :

Was born at Malang, East Java-Indonesia, 01-01-1998
RELEASED : {1. EXTREME DECAY - " bastard " DEMO TAPE 1998, RE-pressed on TAPE (plus Live Songs), by IMPREGNATE RECORDS (CZECH REP.).} {2. EXTREME DECAY - " Extreme Decay as fuck " Rehearsal RAW on TAPE.} {3. EXTREME DECAY - " social warfare " Demo-Rehearsal Live on TAPE.} {4. EXTREME DECAY - " progressive destruction " TAPE & CD - FULL LENGTH, Released on TAPE by Disgust Tape. Re-pressed on CD by Extremist Records (USA).} {5. EXTREME DECAY - " sampah dunia ketiga " TAPE & CD - FULL LENGTH, Released by Extreme Souls Prods. }

SPLIT-RELEASED : {1. With : ANTIPHATY. "FOR FREEDOM" on TAPE, Released by Confuse Indie Prods.} {2. With : AGATHOCLES. "mince/grind " on TAPE, Released by Confuse Indie Prods.} {3. With : BONFIRE/FLAG OF HATE. (3way split) on TAPE, Released by Pulgar Dist. (Spain).} {4. With : DEMISOR. "grind fucker " on TAPE, Released by Grin-Konrr Records (Malaysia).} {5. With : PARKINSON. (split) on TAPE, Released by Broken Noise Records (Malaysia).} {6. With : NOISE DAMAGE/CRIMINAL VAGINA/OBLITERATION TENDENCIES/GONORRHOEA. "grind extrimies" (5way split) on TAPE, Released by Hyperblast Area Records.} {7. With : ATRET/DIRTY MOUTH. (3way split) on TAPE, Released by Comberan Records.} {8. With : DAMAGE DIGITAL/TORTURE INCIDENT/DEMISOR. "durian is food Grind is good" (4way split) on TAPE. Released by Grind-Konrr Records (Malaysia).} {9. With : PROLETAR. (split) on TAPE & CD, Released by on TAPE by Badai Prods., Released by on TAPE by Melophobia Records (USA), Released by on CD by Extreme Response Records (Turkey).} {10. With: NEGATION/CARDIAC NECROPSY/MASOCHIST/BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE. "BREEDING THE SICK SPECIES" on CD, Released by Sick Chainsaws Productions (Thailand).}

COMPILATION-RELEASED : {1. "deformed inside/demo" on Escort Zine Samplers-TAPE, Released by Escort Zine.} {2. " bastards/demo" on "Last Minutes of Safety....2-TAPE, Released by THT Prods.} {3. "stop the war" on Brutally Sickness-Sounds of Millennium Death-TAPE, Released by Extreme Souls Prods.} {4. "racial prejudice-live/DON'T REGRET cover's" and "apostate-live/ANTIPHATY cover's". on Saudara Sebotol-TAPE, Released by Raw Tape.} {5. "deformed inside/rehearsal" on Indonesian Filthy Species-TAPE, Released by Morbid Noise Prods.} {6. "(4 songs from demo)" on Grindcore Holocaust-TAPE, Released by Amir'diy (Malaysia).} {7. "respect now!?!/live" on Republic Chaos-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {8. "teror/promo" on Brutal Fantasy-CD, Released by Volume Maximum.} {9. "politik/live" on The Way It Crust To Be-TAPE, Released by Oposisi Records.} {10. "pressure/promo" on Fallen Angels Magazine....2 sampler-TAPE, Released by Fallen Angel.} {11. "extremedecay" on All Filth of This World is a Human Filth" pt.4-CD, Released by Impregnate Records (Czech Rep.).} {12."teror" on Brutally Sickness-Retribution of Hate-TAPE, Released by Extreme Souls Prods.} {13. "decay in your mind/live" on Listen-Grind-Respect-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {14. "hard but coreless/demo" on Goat Sounds-TAPE, Released by Dahmer Records.} {15. "extremedecay" on Differencess is The Strength..2, a Death to Bussiness-CD-R Released by Relamati Records.} {16. "my burning forest" and "lifeless harmony" on What Wrong with my Ears?, International Fast Hardcore Thrash Crust Grindcore Compilation-Tape Released by Teriak Rekord. } {17. "extremedecay" on Cadas Tanpa Batas Chapter2, Kompilasi-Tape Released by Dapross Records.} {18. "extremedecay" on Grind Mask for Noise Pollution, International Grindcore Crust Compilation-CD Co-Released by Khhapspmch Prods., Melophobia Records (USA), Paska 247, Teriak Rekord, Extreme Terror Prods., Epidemic Records, Meat Grinder Records, Hormigonera Prods.} {19. "extremedecay" on Brutal Disaster-Sountrack of Violence Compilation-TAPE, Released by No Label Records.} {20. ""extremedecay" on Podrum Against Nazis! Vol.1 Compilation, Released by Podrum Music Netlabel (Bosnia and Herzegowina)}

TRIBUTE-RELEASED : {1. "condemned system" Tribute to Terrorizer-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {2. "terror reign" A Tribute to Regurgitate-CD, Released by Bizzare Leprous Prods. (Czech Rep.).}


Band Members :

* Afrl - Vocals
* Sahery - Guitar
* Yudha - Bass
* Eko - Drums

Free Download Extreme Decay's MP3 :

* Extreme Decay - Condemned System
* Extreme Decay - Decay In Your Mind
* Extreme Decay - Degradation
* Extreme Decay - Desperate Life Act 2
* Extreme Decay - Eksis Tak Terhenti
* Extreme Decay - Fighting 4 Self-Respect
* Extreme Decay - For Sale (What's Left)
* Extreme Decay - Hard But Coreless
* Extreme Decay - Invisible Chain
* Extreme Decay - Konfrontasi
* Extreme Decay - Kultur Barbar
* Extreme Decay - Masih Ada Darah
* Extreme Decay - Politik
* Extreme Decay - Pressure
* Extreme Decay - Releaze Peace This World
* Extreme Decay - Respect Now
* Extreme Decay - Tereksploitasi
* Extreme Decay - Terror
* Extreme Decay - Terror Reign
* Extreme Decay - Terampas Atau Tercabut
* Extreme Decay - Thanks
* Extreme Decay - Unrest Conditions
* Extreme Decay - We Aren't The Center of This
* Extreme Decay - Welcome To The Bleakness
* Extreme Decay - What Ur Fighting For
* Extreme Decay - Wonderful Vacation Ship

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