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Biography :

HATESTROKE was founded in January 2004, (originally called DOWNSTROKE), With Yeri-Lead Guitar, Cesper-Vox, Yono-Drums, Bimo-Bass, and Ongky-Rhythm Guitar. The band then changed their name to HATESTROKE in 2005, Forming a new line up with Yeri-Guitar, Cesper-Vox, Sulih-Drum, and Soni-Bass. They started playing death metal music and recorded one song single “Anger” which featured in Kediri Metal Associaton Compilation CD. In 2006 Soni left the band, leaving HATESTROKE as a SICK 3 piece band without a bass player. A few months later, Sulih also left and was replaced with Yahnes (of TENGGGOROKAN). With Yahnes, HATESTROKE began playing Fast Brutal Fucking Death, and they recorded the Demo 2007 (4 Songs) & Demo 2008 (14 Songs). By mid-year, Yahnes was replaced with GOD-X of DROP. HATESTROKE now recorded its first full length album THE SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM OF HATE DISTRIBUTION... Which was released in April 2009. Latest line up: Alan - Bass, Battery - Drums, Yeri-Guitar, Casper-Vox. Discography: "Anger" : Single 2004 XXX Demo 2006 : Demo 2006 XXX Demo 2007 : Demo 2007 XXX Demo 2008 : Demo 200.

Band Members :

*Casper - Vocalist
*Yeri - Guitarist
*Alan - Bassist
*Battery - Drummers

Influences :

*Hate Eternal
*Cannibal Corpse

Free Download Hatestroke's MP3 :

* Hatestroke - Berpesta Hancurkan Kesucian
* Hatestroke - Carnivorous

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