Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mati Langkah

Biography :

Inception of this band was when Eddie (guitaris) meets Sandra (drummer) with the status and
guitaris NEUROSESICK REALITAT drummer .. and they both decided to create a new project band that carries the flow of other music from their previous bands and modern metals off-choice appropriate for channeling our desires ... then join bermusic afiek (guitaris), dono (bass) and Cino (vocalist) with the status of personnel SOUL SICK ... over the months and afiek dono decided to leave and be replaced .... STEP OFF Fadly (guitarist ) which is still a guitaris CCS .. and Yanu (bass) with bassist status vulgar thinking ... and because the will of god yanu our bassist died ... now replaced Krisna .... and now our latest formation are: sandra (drumm ) Edi (guitar) Fadly (guitar) Krisna (bass) anto / Cino (vocals) .. and we hope our music can be acceptable among rock music lovers

Band Members :

*Edi - Guitarist
*Chandra - Drummers
*Fadly - Guitarist
*Cino - Vocalist
*Krisna - Bassist

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