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Biography :

Undergod formed in 2009 with the formation:
Kinoy - Vocals, Said - Lead Guitar, Abaz - Bass, and Uti - Drums. Our first single titled "Cai Kawantum".
Thanks to this single Cai Kawantum an indie record label company that PIECES RECORDS glance and review the demos of our songs are also scheduled to be released in late 2009.
A music and recording studio called Extend is our partner in various band activities.
Who became an icon or is characteristic of our contemporary song lyrics. All song lyrics written in Sundanese language and what it is that bad. Besides, we also always our lofty civilizing such as:
benjang, kerinding and others. We perform on stage. Undergod is musically contemporary death metal bands with a simple melody composition.
Our second single entitled "Kudak-Kadek" (feat.Aki Amenk Disinfected) won enough public attention. This song is one of our favorite song was also chosen to be a track on the compilation PADIGA.
In addition to songs Kudak-Kadek, our track titled "Sa-guru, sa-elmu, tong ngaganggu" was also selected as a track on the compilation brutally sickness.
In August 2008 Undergod could be surprised by the Bandung Death Metal Syndicate Management (BDM), namely the inclusion of Undergod into the event "Bandung Death Fest # 3". The event was attended by approximately 3000 spectators this is an honor for us.

Band Members :
*Kinoy - Vocalist
*Said - Lead Guitarist
*Abaz - Bassist
*Uti - Drummers

Free Download Undergod's MP3 :

* Undergod - Cai Kawantun
* Undergod - Kudak-kadek
* Undergod - Saguru Saelmu Tong Ganggu

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