Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bleeding Corpse

Biography :

Bleeding Corpse was formed in late 2005, led by the Sharia Death [ex Balance of Terror] on guitar, Adrian on bass, have mutual [ex Dishonest] on vocals, and drummer Ari [ex injected Sufferage / Sludge]. In November 2006, they had time to make a promo CD contains three songs: Wreck of The Sinner, Body Simpuh Murdered, and of rebuke Main Maja. They could add one more guitarist that is Lukman [ex Filgrim] in mid 2007. But it was not long, after a gig at the event Bandung Death Fest # 2 Lukman was forced to resign and stay in the band quartet formation. Bleeding Corpse admitted was influenced by bands like brutal death metal band Suffocation, Disavowed, Devourment, and Disgorge. While undergoing a variety of local stage action, they entered the studio to record his songs. Finally in the year 2008 successfully Bleeding Corpse album titled debut album produced Resurection of Murder Pieces Records, an independent label which is also managed by Dani [drummer's Jasat]

Band Members :

*Boby [eks Dishonest] - Vokalist
*Uus Death [eks Balance of Terror] - Guitarist
*Adrian - Bassist
*Ari [eks Injected Sufferage / Lumpur] - Drummers

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