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Biography :

Established in Year 1997 in the city of Jakarta, with Line-Up first is Mr. Yassin (Vocal), Early (guitar), Yongki (Bass) and Vishnu (Drum). We started our careers with cover versions brought from Deicide and Bolth Trower. After 1 Year Yongki resigned, and the following year Mr. Yongki following the departure of Yassin. Not long ago Ababil soon gained a new figure, namely Bo'et (Vocal). Although without a permanent basis, continue to run the program Ababil. Stage by stage through with consistent Ababil. At the end of Year 2000 Full Album Ababil soon be launching its inaugural "Eternal Hate", which contains 10 songs nuanced death / grind and released by one of the major Record Labels in Jakarta, the Edelweiss Production. Not only that, Ababil any incentive to publish a compilation album of his work through local and Asian as well as "Metallic Clinic" and "Asian Clinical Metallic" is produced by Rotor Corp. (Musica Studio). Beginning in mid-year 2004 (guitar) and Vishnu (Drum) resigned from his position, but Ababil not discouraged and still maintain his good name. This is evidenced by two personnel Anyar recruits soon: Joseph (Drums) and Chimenz 'ex-Burial Corpse' (guitar). In the Year 2005 Ababil personnel who returned to find a void that could drive out there, that Abii Praza (Bass). This strong new foundation and the many events that have been visited Ababil was not much to make a band together, because not a few old Joseph (Drums) will leave the body Ababil. Until September 26, 2006 Ababil back recruit personnel remain 'ex-Funeral Inception / Killing Fields', the Jaxx Martha (Drum).

Although only walked step by step Ababil sure that fresh air that there was not the illusion of an instant, it appears that formed the foundation of today feels solid and difficult to crush. This is evidenced by several new songs that are tilled Ababil for the achievement of the target to release a full album and a mini album at the End of the Year 2006. Currently Ababil is ready to re-focusing on the events in Indonesia and foreign metal. Musical maturity began to form and ways of thinking of each personnel began to have mission and vision of the direction. Line-Up So that there now is Bo'et (Vocal), Chimenz (Guitar), Abii Praza (Bass) and Martha Jaxx (drums) have crafted a more mature and Ababil fresher course. The concept is not much different music during Ababil stand, it's just more mengendepankan quality and quantity. Although each pesonil inspired the international metal bands such as beheaded, Deicide, Suffocation, Trauma, Misery Index, Fital Remains, Eternal Suffering, Hate Eternal, Pantera, Sepultura and Slipknot, Ababil exist with the concept itself is Brutal Death Metal music. It is expected that with the rise of current can enliven Ababil scene underground music scene in the country.

One word of Ababil ... "Metal Until Die..!!"

Band Members :

*Bo'et - Vocalist
*Chimenz - Guitarist
*Abii Praza - Bassist
*Martha Jaxx - Drummers

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