Friday, July 23, 2010


Biography :

DYSMORPHICATED a project of band by Andro(Human Cremation) and Wylie(Felix Suicide) borned at 07 Februari 2008 precisely at a small town in West Bandung that is Cimahi with first formation line that is Wylie(Guttural, Guitar), Chandra(Four Six), Andro(Blast). DYSMORPHICATED following music concept to Brutal Death Metal by the name of first that is "LIANA MAKE ME PREGNANT". Their also partakes follows its the line at Death Metal by following gigs to gigs local until finally there is problem at Chandra having tip of to releasing of Chandra from band and changes position leaved by it his it by Andika, a friend Andro. DYSMORPHICATED still be concepted like before all. Then, DYSMORPHICATED finds point of boredom and tired with its the formation is formation "3 man" equal to main inspiration of we are that is " DEATH VOMIT" then, DYSMORPHICATED also looks for someone to return to change the formation line becomes "4 man". They take Mufqi, a friend from Andika to fill position of guttural so that Wylie then is positioned only to guitar only. With newest formation of that, DYSMORPHICATED tries changes concept they to become Brutal Death which many influenced by Slamming Gore. With the new formation line that is Mufqi(Vockill), Wylie(Six Sick), Andika(Four Sick), Andro(Blast) also with new material and concept referring to band inspirator outside us like Suffocation, Condemned, Disgorge(US), Human Rejection, Abominable Putridity, Septycal Gorge, Cephalotripsy etc. and doesn't forget local concept of we are like Jasad, Mortir, Motor Death, Digging Up, Turbidity and etc. By followed with distorting of name of from "LMMP" to "DYSMORPHICATED". Now, DYSMORPHICATED ready to return to groans ear all of you with newest concept from its the song material is "Erotica Dehumanized". Let's Slam Your Head with DYSMORPHICATED!

Band Members :

Mufqi - Guttural
Wylie - Six Grind
Deni - Four Grind
Ihsan - Blast

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