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Biography :

DRESTARATA a Black Metal band that heavily influenced the black metal bands out like Astaroth, Waltbrand, Marduk, and Dimmu Borgir. initial concept is a lifting mytology javanis nuances of the story of Java, though not yet perfect in music but this band is finalizing the concept. Complex concepts of understanding the philosophy of Java. At that time berpersonil.
Line-up 2007; Ewod Blackend God (Vocal), Grinding Morghoten (Guitar), Hendz Mazurkiewicz (Drums).
To fill the void in the bass position in November 2007 "Bags Bassed Hunt" sign to fill the bass to fill the vacancies and also to enrich their music.
Line-up 2008; on this year "Mazurkiewicz Hendz Out of the band and at the same time replaced by" Billy Order Death. " Line up so little change; Ewod Blackend God (Vocal), Grinding Morghoten (Guitar), Bags Bassed Hunt (Bass), Billy Death Order (Drum).

In mid-December 2008, Drestarata plans to enter the recording studio, there were five songs of creation itself, and one song cover songs from Turonggo Safitri Putro.

So ... ... See "DRESTARATA" On The Stage ... .. We Will kick your ass !!!.....

Band Members :

* Ewod Blackend God - Vocals
* Grinding Morghoten - Guitar
* Baguz Bassed Hunt - Bass
* Billy Order Death - Drums

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