Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coprophilic Cryptic

Biography :

"Coprophilic Cryptic" formed in 2007, the house of a friend named Acuy, who is also guitarist of band.Oluz as Vokills, Firza As lead guitar, Erik as bassist , and Nanda Reza as drummer.We are very inspired as its predecessors from the city of death metal where we live,Bandung City,like Jasad, and Disinfected. Also all pioneer DEATH METAL/THRASH bands like Suffocation,Deeds of Flesh, Gorefest, Malevolent Creation, Decrepit Birth, Brodequin, Phobia, and Vader.Thanks if you want to read our brief profile, we are waiting, and appreciate the invitation -call for a gig.For Call:Oluz(085722032651),or Firza(085659780411)

We Loves Our Culture

Band Members :

*Oluz - Vocalist
*Acuy - Guitarist
*Firza - Guitarist
*Erikk - Bassist
*Sarbongapz - Drummers

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