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Biography :

DISTRUST formed in late 2007, early this band has been found by Ajie and asep, they occupy the following positions Asep as a vocalist and drummer Ajie .. they think to get a guitarist and basisst to complete line - up DISTRUST, until finally they found Bonjo guitarist, and basisst Qiyam of thrash metal band they called MORON ANGEL.
and after going through many processes DISTRUST has changed personnel in 2009 personnel in the year 2009:
- Asep: Vocals - Nyoman: guitarist (ex: DROP and FUNERAL INCEPTION ) - Ajie Gore: Drummer
formation did not last long, because the activity of the personnel Ajie had to leave Jakarta and the band because he had to return to his hometown in bandung. in mind of Asep to bring back the old guitarist that Bonjo
and current DISTRUST is:
- Asep: vocalist -Bonjo: guitarist -........ : Drummer -........ : Basisst
we still keep trying to complete the formation and looking for some porsonnels.

Stay Tune...!!

Band Members :

*Septian Maulana - Vocalist
*Bonjo - Guitarist
*Rezy Diandra - Drummers

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