Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Absolute Defiance

Biography :

ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE was formed in February 1998 in Jakarta, Indonesia under the name of Vile by Bimo (bass), along with Ade (guitar), Anto (drums) and Dedi (vocals). After playing one gig, Dedi left the band and got replaced by Sapto (ex-Sadistis). At that time they used to cover some of their favorite songs from bands like Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus and Cryptopsy. Later, after some internal problems a new inception was began when Ghebes (drums) and Edwin (bass) joined the band. Bimo switched his instrument to guitar from that on. They composed and intensively rehearsed several songs and got signed for a tape release with Dementia Records (Jakarta), which they recorded in September 1999. The music was brutal death metal and the lyrics deals with social phenomena such as people suffering under the military atrocities, genocides, massacres and tyranny. The great feedback of the tape took the band to the next level within the local and even international underground scene. Finally, they found a new vocalist named Fahmi (ex-bassist of Impious from Indonesia) in late January 2000. With this line-up, Vile performed numerous gigs. They also featured on numerous compilations and got interviewed by a lot of fanzine and webzines. After a year full of musical activities, Ghebes (drums) decided to retire in early 2001, he got replaced by Andyan (Siksakubur). In August 2001, Fahmi got replaced by Nino (Trauma). With this new line-up, Vile recorded ten tracks (it consists of 7 old tracks and 3 new tracks) for another local tape label named Edelweiss Productions. The tape got released under the name of "Systematic Terror Decimation" and showed a lot of progression towards brutality and intelligent song writing. Socio-political and critical lyrics are supported by brutal US influenced death metal, much in the vein of Dying Fetus, Fleshgrind and Skinless. This came under the attention of From Beyond Productions (sublabel of Dutch's Displeased Records), which licensed the recordings from Edelweiss to be released on CD along with 3 bonus tracks. Due to the American band Vile, the band was forced to change their name. The new name, Absolute Defiance, is a lot more meaningful and representative to match their lyrical and musical concept. But unfortunately, the band took its recession since the release of their debut CD in mid 2002. Nino and Andyan got to go back to their respective main bands. Edwin was no longer have time for the band due to his occupation. And so the band became non-active for a quite long time. Finally, after more than a year of hiatus, Bimo (guitar) decided to reactivate the band along with new members: Aditya (drums), Dimas (bass), Piping (guitar) and Unbound (vocals) in mid 2003. With this fresh line-up, the band has changed its musical concept, from brutal US influenced death metal to melodic Scandinavian influenced death metal, much in the vein of In Flames, Dismember and At the Gates but heavier! The band experienced a very often line-up changes in 2004, and the result was a stagnant activities during 2005. In early 2006, Bimo rebuilt and returning the musical direction into what it was, brutal death metal! Fuck the overwhelming Scandinavian stolen riffing metal-core rip offs! Absolute Defiance is absolute death metal! The band have actually awaken from their sleep. The wheels are finally rolling again, coz the brainchild of the band is actually never sleep... Be prepared for the resurrection of East Brutality...!!

Band Members :

*Nino Aspiranta - Vocalist
*Bimo Morbid - Guitarist
*Edwin Haikal - Bassist
*Andyan Gorust - Drummers

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