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Biography :

Starting as a grand and rb desire to form a band with the flow "Metal". Finally formed with the name "Metal Project" with the formation rb (vocals), Akbar (drums), Seno (bass), Boker (guitar), and nibras (guitar 2). when it clogged with sufficient capital to play only songs from Trivium with unsatisfactory results, after several weeks munculah Boker King who replaced the king on guitar.saat filled by increasingly integrated music game and continue playing songs berkonsep.Perlahan-land from Lamb Of God, after it tried to write a lagu.Karena had been halted because of school exams, Nibras diri.Semangat resigned this band does not stop there, Seno nibras replaced on guitar and Adam to fill bass.Tawaran recruited to play on Gigs finally menyelendup in life ini.Merasa band name that is less attractive, eventually akbar suggested the name "Revenge" is based on revenge and hatred which is attached, after the approved "Revenge" to spear them to penetrate the wall scene shows Indonesia.Beberapa times in gigs local and doctrines that would not stop from international music to play songs made Revenge of Death Metal and turn into a band identity Revenge of Death Metal who graduated from the junior kokoh.Setelah Seno reluctantly resigned from the revenge for obvious reasons, outside school city can not allow again rallied in the world gemelutnya Sentanu replace old musik.tak Seno, remain with the formation of two guitars revenge managed to create music that is still labil.Perbedaan concept of instinct in music making and Adam was forced to resign, and finally replacing munculah Awe adam.Tak position soon come off revenge.Kebingungan Sentanupun to transform the concept into one guitar is a difficult issue passed, but with a burning passion finally Revenge can change into the concept of a ferocious guitar and not kalah.Musik Revenge of the concept and grooved a highlight for children Metal.Pada Month November 2008 Death Revenge started recording the album "Global.Suffering.Disease" in bandung under Joteng operators (Forgotten), then after going through the process of mixing and mastering in May 2009 has been released debut album Revenge "Global.Suffering.Disease". Revenge kept on alert for the Metalheads memborbardir ear at scene dunia.

Band Members :

*King - Guitarist
*RB - Vocalist
*Aw - Bassist
*Akbar - Drummers

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