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Biography :

Starting guards of the friendship of two men's clothing store in Semarang at the end of the year 2006 who was obsessed by horror movies bahulu era, idolize a band named headkerchief abroad, like the country-style of culinary offerings choirudin rudy, like serving cold beer when accompanied breezy afternoon winds from the northern coast city of Semarang with a little faint faint voice from the mosque next door if wishing to have a rock band berdistorsi thick, gahar stage action, and a little smile from the audience expects loud music enthusiast or a mischievous glance from abg2 one costume at a gig that initiated by young anak2 costumed young gray racing a raging enthusiasm for school alma mater's name ... is the adit (edword) and a poncho (rain will of fall, Ex LFAE), two young men, middle-aged at the crossroads of life called reality in a town called semarang which known for three things, congyang, a lokalisai named Sunan yellow and old building called Lawang Sewu invite friends old friends ... eka (24 fire, rain will of fall), anzo (ex infestation), and Elisha iing (scare monger), anak2 longer than the old metal scene of scattered Brain Society (SBS) .. journey often begins when they met in a sketchy area in the region .. semarang above where they started their creative processes, arrangements, preparing ammunition pen scrawl graffiti black and white. then dilahirkanlah one song called "blood pierced the soul" ... along with that, because of being busy and taking care of family, iing Elisha left the band. so left-Aditya Kusuma (vocal)-Rizky Anzo Baenafi (bass)-Eka Prasetiya (guitar)-poncho Arkas (drums) and inpain ".... Were Were gonna kick your fuckin your ass ....... RAW! !

Band Members :

*Aditya Kusuma - Vocalist
*Eka Prasetya - Guitarist
*Rizki Anz - Bassist
*Poncho Arkas - Drummers

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