Sunday, July 4, 2010

War Of Badar

Biography :

War Of Badar was formed on February 11, 2007 We Are Hardcore Progressive stands for it self. Formation of this while Iwan (drums), Eby (bass), Arieph (guitar), Lucky (lead guitar) and Dani (vocals), in early 2008 replacing Sam entered Seenyo position as a drummer and we expect a lot of turnover of personnel that we do will have a positive impact for the future later. We play a composition that we call "heavy metalcore", a concept or a hybridization between the spirit of modern hardcore progressive metalcore with full of fresh material and prepared to beat the increase of adrenaline and ready to sweep the walls of the corner of your ear. Yups, it must be noisy ...! OK These guys watch out for ... We ready to shock you ... up! NEVER GIVE UP AND KEEP struggle BABE!

In the early formation of WAR OF Badr us grow in influence of hardcore music that brings us to the image that difficult to remove from the fact that we still hold fast to the METAL flow as the basis of this band stand. Many people we switch the flow rate which was originally to be metalcore hardcore NEWSCHOOL but we try to emphasize once again that the flow of music that we carry equipment such as our original mission of establishing metalcore band, although the way we make music it is possible to take influence from bands - Hardcore such as HATEBREED, MERAUDER, MADBALL, STRIFE ...

Band Members :

*Dani - Lead Vocalist
*Lucky - Lead Guitarist / Vocalist
*Arif - Guitarist
*Eby - Bassist
*Iwan - Drummers

Free Download War Of Badar's MP3 :

* War Of Badar - Burning To The Moon Light
* War Of Badar - Fight Into The Realm Eternal
* War Of Badar - Graveyard

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