Friday, July 23, 2010


Biography :

Cuntopsy was formed in 2007 when Deni (vokills) approached Denis (guitars) to make guttural slam in the veins of Waking the Cadaver, Cephalotripsy, Inhuman Dissiliency and Abominable Putridity. Cuntopsy's first demos could be listened from their myspace page! We are using drum programing for this promo, since we still can't find a suitable drummer. And now this 2008 Naya(Bass) Join Cuntopsy and we are looking forward to finishing up the rest of the songs for our "Twisting the Organ System" EP, which will be released by DEFORMED FETUS PRODUCTIONS(USA). The art was done by East Coast Brutality, and it is anticipated that this EP would be released by the beginning of 2009. KEEP IT SLAM MOTHERFUCKERS!

Band Members :

*Deni - Vocalist
*Josh - Guitarist
*Naya - Bassist

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