Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fallen To Pieces

Biography :

The band, founded in early 2007 was at the beginning of its formation consists Fekky (Vox), Luhur Pam's (drums), Ryan (guitar), Fitrah (guitar), & Adi (bass) the band that plays Metal Hardcore underwent numerous personnel changes. After experiencing ups and downs in his music now has a band that finally Fekky (Vox), Indra (bass), Jonah (guitar), Rudi (guitar), Ferry (drums) has spawned a demo cd with the single "When I'm alone." After crisscrossing the stage in and outside cities such as Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Yogyakarta and Solo. Band in the early formative stages in the trying in the village, to feel the high platform in the event this city still have a dream if one day want to feel the metal platform in the middle of the jungle or in the middle of the presidential ceremony on the occasion of August 17. Brotherhood and Unity is the vision and motto of this band, and trying also to lift the lives and fewer elements to a plural-deity in the writing of this band's lyrics to music. Once occupied by a variety of personal activities of the personnel of this band decided to release a debut album. There are so many challenges to face in the band's debut album production process starting from the financial problems of inflated estimates, personnel turnover during pre-production until the studio recording their customers who refuse to record the band due to personal conflicts with the vocalist, to cause the target perilisanpun forced to withdraw from the schedule you set. Finally in 2009 the Fallen To Pieces will release his debut album with the title "The Holy Son" which was recorded in a recording studio Landungsari which contained 12 song titles such as: Salvation, Light, You Will not See Me In That Place and the other title. The album that in its creation was inspired by bands such as Killing Machine, Lamb of God, Madball, As i Lay Dying, and Power Metal will be released at the end of 2009. And now ... we're ready to go!! For Friendship and Brotherhood C / O Fekky Jl. Riau Park 29 65117 MLG 0341-9962571 (FEKKY) 0341-6469460 (INDRA) 0341-9817657 (NOUZED)

Band Members :

* Fekky - Vocals
* Yunus - Guitar
* Rudi - Guitar
* Indra - Bass
* Ferry - Drums

Influences :

* Power Metal
* Lamb of God
* Earth Crisis
* Terror
* Hatebreed
* Rhapsody
* Killing Machine
* Helloween
* Walls of Jericho
* Avenged Sevenfold

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