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Biography :

Hellbeyond was formed in late 2006 in Bandung, west java, Indonesia by Aditya (Vocal), Rangga (Guitar) from Nemesis and Luke (Guitar) from Pitfall/Tragedi. Then Aditya asked Irfan (Bass) and Ryan (Drums) from Outright to completing the line up. The band recorded "The FlowerButchery" demo In June 2007 and also released it for free as a 4 way split sampler with Outright, Nemesis and Dazecortica.

After the demo released, Rangga departed from the band because he need to concentrate to Nemesis. In March 2008, Hellbeyond recorded a single named "The Strongest Stand Last", which was features on a Bandung Death Metal compilation named "Panceg Dina Galur". In December 2008, Hellbeyond signed to Rottrevore Records and recorded their first full length album named "THE STRONGEST STAND LAST" in June 2009.

During the recirding process, the band decided to recruit Edz, ex-The cruel to be their lead guitarist. And now, Hellbeyond are ready to chrusing the moshpit for all eztreme music fans!!! WE DON'T NEED BULLSHIT TO PROVE IT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

Band Members :

*Aditya - Vocalist
*Luke - Guitarist
*Edo - Guitarist
*Asuy - Bassist
*Ryan - Drummers

Free Download Hellbeyond's MP3 :

* Hellbeyond - The Strongest Stand Last

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