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Biography :

REZUME formed in January 2008. And members Memet (vocals), Kadir (guitar), goestra (bass), and bona (drums). Originally homage Slam Death Metal with a rendition of Cannibal Corpse, CRYTOPSI, KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL bleeding, and more. Rezume mid-year increase of personnel at the Adit guitar for Eternal Madness and also on the drum from bona replaced by the formation of this second Bir.Dengan ie Memet (vocals), Kadir (guitar), Adit EM (Guitar) goestra (bass), and Beer ( drums), Rezume began testing the underground events in Java and in 2009 precisely Bali.Tahun june rezume personnel the opportunity to collaborate with the American Band Slamming Mario Pena CONDEMNED FMK7 USA for Jamming in Kuta Bali in Peanut Bar. The following month in July precisely rezume released promo cd contains 3 songs for music lovers such brutal Death metal slaming: INTERNAL BUTHCERED ORGAS, vaginal IMPALEMENT, AND SEXUAL MASOCHISME. Song - song in the promo are told about the deviation of sexually transmitted diseases, murder, torture and mutilation carried out by someone because of dissatisfaction from various versions, promo cd can be obtained free of charge. In the promo of this cd is very strong aroma of brutal slamming visible, from the cord-cord guitars, drums to vocals.

Band Members :

*Memet - Vocalist
*Kadir Pornoman - Guitarist
*Adit Madness - Guitarist
*Gustra - Bassist
*Beer - Drummers

Influences :

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