Monday, July 12, 2010

Age of Terror

Biography :

We are Age of Terror, a Southern Rock / Death Metal / Eksperimental Band. We are consist of 6 persons who get very excited to play in a band that having fun all the time and never get careless about anything else. We are who we are TUTTO (Guitar), NATAN (Voc), NANDA (Voc), BAGUS (Bass), PANDU (Guitar), RIO (Drum).thanks guys,and see you at the gigs motherfuckers.

Band Members :

*Natan - Vocalist #1
*Nanda - Vocalist #2
*Tutto - Guitarist
*Pandu - Guitarist
*Bagus - Bassist
*Rio - Drummers

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Erik Cantona said...

Lagunya mana ka" ?????


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