Friday, July 16, 2010

Marla Covingdale

Biography :

When 4 well driven horsemen served with a plate of tragedy, added with some special sauce and a little boredom topping of everyday life, decided to start making changes by kicking it with a sarcastic band with balls full of hatred and visions about screwed up and fucked up memories.

Being captivated by staying true to the root of the music is always a one thing, artistic is another, the catch is killing the majority mainstream. And when the time is right, they will be tired of hiding, pretending to be good and play innocence, so be ready...

this is their truest form. MarlaCovingdale is how they redeem themselves. The name represent of something pure and broken.

They are offering you raw sounds, bad habits, awful taste of fashion and lots of kicking-screaming.

The resurrection should be painful

Band Members :

* Harry Mulya - Vocals
* Harry Mahardhika - Guitar
* Andy Christian - Bass
* Abinara - Drums

Free Download Marla Covingdale's MP3 :

* Marla Covingdale - Hey Coach
* Marla Covingdale - Stuffed Actress

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