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Black Territory

The Name :

What is the story behind the name of Black Territory? Well to us is just a reflection of people that do not want to acknowledge that we are in fact living in Black Territory. We allowed ourselves to sink deep in our own creation of hell. Murders, rapes and crimes have become routines and we are reading it everyday in the newspapers headlines like it was nothing to us. A society that we living in are not safe anymore as we are ignoring our darkest inner self reflections but we still confess we live in a bright side yet we ignored people whom are living in the dark side of society. What differs between us and them? Just a boundary?

History :

Surprisingly it all started few years back when group of young guys who had passion in music decided to combine their talent and ideas to form a band. A band that reflects the true inner self and things that molded them into they are now.
The band started as a project band in July 2006 with Ayed, Man, Bob and Wan as participant in Myso Jam Fest (Battle of The Band Tribute to Red Hot Chilli Peppers) that was held at The Curve. The lineup stood up as band and called them as Black Territory. But since that day the band was left passive and only appears in few battles of the bands that were held around Kuala Lumpur. This band remains as project band those times because each of the line up was busy with their own band as Ayed and Bob is from Raizhobium, Man was ex frontman of Naratu and Wan was from Liprosys and Valountry. In the same year of 2006, the band acted as a participant band in Road To Soundstage 2006 and surprisingly we end up as second places amongst 70 bands that participated too in the event. During this time, Apit (guitarist) and Degop of The Falling Grudge (vocalist) were added to the lineup with absence of Man that was sick during the battle. Since that day the band officially made up of six young lads. In middle of year 2008, Wan (Drummer) was replaced by new drummer from Raizhobium that known as Kadok and Degop withdraw due to commitment matters.

Our Music :

Black Territory is known as a band that more to melodic metal with few big names in specific genre has become our biggest influences such as In Flames, As I Lay Dying, Arch Enemy and Killswitch Engage as our music is basically revolved around melodic and melancholy riffing with angst vocals in growling and shrieking collaborating each other provided with brutal hard style of drumming. But the bottom of it, Black Territory is known as its own entity as the same common the lineup share is in passions towards music. Although each single of the lineup in Black Territory has its own preferences in genre but the passions they share do help Black Territory in cooperating each other and helping the band realizing their dreams. This has developed a mobile bond between the band and growing stronger each by day. Black Territory has appeared in few gigs and shows around Malaysia's Peninsular (as stated in the past events) and the band have participated too in Global Battle of The Band that was held at 18 Club. Black Territory is now in a process of improving each day since practice and getting tighter is the main objective. Throughout these years, Black Territory has shared stages with bands such as SHAI HULUD (USA), BOLD (USA), BRINGIN' IT DOWN (USA), PARKWAY DRIVE (Australia), MOTIVATION (Hungry), CARPATHIAN (Australia), CONDEMNED (USA), MISERY SIGNALS (USA), HEREAFTER (Australia), GRACE IS GONE (Australia), GOLD KIDS (Italy), MORE THAN LIFE (UK), MEANING (JAPAN) and GHOST TOWN (Australia) . Not only that, Black Territory had shared stages with few regional bands (just name few) such as Siksakubur, BurgerKill, Straight Answer, Jasad, Panic Disorder, Paper Gangster, Hatestroke, Killing Me Inside, Beauty Kill The Beast, Blooded Suicide, Thirteen, Sweet As Revenge, Burning Flame - (Indonesia), Ragdoll Epilogue, Murdered For Revenge, Every Rage I Seek and For Better Endings - (Singapore), Heirdom From Heaven - (Thailand) and with few local bands that not only came from metal genre but as well as other genres too such as Y2K, Bittersweet, Meet Uncle Hussein, Restraint, Cassandra, Love Me Butch, The Otherside Orchestra, Langsuyr, Revenge, Hayagriva, Infectious Maggots, Hujan, Bunkface, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Negation, Project AK, Blind Tribe, Republic of Brickfields, Asthalin and few other local acts that too many to be listed. What really defines us? Only God knows!

Band Members :

*Man - Vocalist
*Apit - Guitarist
*Bob - Bassist
*Kadok - Drummers

Free Download Black Territory's MP3 :

* Black Territory - Arms With Arms
* Black Territory - Black Territory
* Black Territory - In Cries
* Black Territory - It's So Hard
* Black Territory - Sick

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