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Biography :

AJAL started his career in the mid-year 2007, where in the underground bands METAL kususnya Tabanan experiencing a dead faint and sore throat symptoms of chronic diseases in their natural metal bands vocalist Tabanan. Formation process begun by the band at the height of frustration over a idialisme existence of the so-called underground music. Once lovenya against underground world and took back exsiskan metal gigs in Tabanan, the two people who say leadernya bias in this band, start forming cells and personnel that would bias prekrutan cooperative form a band. Two people are ex-abortion LIONK operate as a Vocal and Vienna from the mines which positioned on Guitar. They finally found the humans who are considered one heart and rhythm in the world that they love, namely: BENDRET who ended up believing to tear the bass, and ex-abortion DEGIT that will go down the mountain back to destroy durum / percussi. With the agreements and considerations together, eventually dying born ... .!!!. In the course of this band, they started with a not so easy back your hand. Many obstacles they face, ranging from a training tool that is rarely if at Tabanan studios who want to lease the equipment they used for this type of practice underground music .. if there are many rules that must be obeyed, mesalnya dobelpedal may not use, excessive use of guitar effects, except that has been provided in the setudio itself. Regulations that are too naive and do not need to be copied by other studios .... FUCK OFF ... With the press and semangt four of five dying little by little began to show their idialisme in working together with other underground bands, although iti local gigs-gigs ... .. Oloh inspired bands like Vile crazy, DIGESTED Flesh, Lust OF Decay, ABASMAL Torment, DISGORGE, DEVOURMENT, remains .... Doom mentasbihkan themselves as brutal death metal band with a concept INDONESIAN HYPERTENSICK GUTTURAL ... fuckin with the concept, penyayatan ear drum destruction process was presented and prepared in spit ... ... .. VIOLENCE IN Raga colonized, mutilation BRAIN, Pentagram DIJIWA .. Part of the vomit was a demo track that is ready to drag the Headbanger into a world full of noise, screams, anger, and life satisfaction as satisfied if the hormone, we sprayed on the sidelines of the vaginal cavity ... .. fuck

Band Members :

*Lionk Remator - Vocalist
*Winmurder - Guitarist
*Bendretopsy - Bassist
*Degitrasher - Drummers

Influences :

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