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Born By Mistakes

Biography :

Born because of "mistakes" on this earth must have been shunned by his people, but if you were born because of errors associated with the name of a metal band would be very welcomed enthusiastically by the people within the metal scene. Ho.oh ... .. "Born By Mistake" is the name of a metal band that was born in RSSM (Hospital Scene Metal) Bali in 2000 from the womb of the early formation namely: Derry (vocals), Didot (guitar), Freddy (bass), and Gus Rai (drum ). Beginning of band formation which is often abbreviated as "fuel" it had gone a few months, before finally vacuum a few years because of the personnel so busy early formation did not last long
Embarrassed by this condition, then Didot, the dedengkot reliable metal guitarist who ate acid including rusty metal salt dijagat been strengthened, especially when this band Eternal Madness, determined to "give birth" Born By Mistake again, though with drops of blood because it must wait for three years to realize, yes this is all because of its strong intention to rebuild a quality metal band that is able to channel his inner energy that struck the metal over the years.
and one point from the beginning of regular get-togethers with colleagues who share a relatively high energy metal, began to discuss the issue of music, until finally has the same musical vision and mission of the metal until it agrees to carry the fuel and raise the flag again, then in month March 2003, fuel re-born again with the personnel: Didot (guitar), NMC (bass), Cox (vocals), C-Matz (drums). Arrghhh ... .. but unloading plug formation, the band re-coloring the way Until at last, agreed fuel use percussion instruments filled out by Rega, but had abandoned the bassist, KMP, because of some things, so decided to resign from the fuel. To fill that void, so for the time being, R-GA (Percussion), designated as a bassist to replace the position of the KMP Until finally today, still exist and solid fuel with 5 personnel, namely: Didot (guitar), Cox (vocals), Rega (bass), C-Matz (drums), and Deva (keyboardist / sampling) and survived until now ... . .. Phew ... finally.
A wide variety of influence possessed the personnel of each, making the colors of music they play refrensi increasingly rich and diverse but remain on the metal track, with the musical structure of a fierce blast from the drum beats, guitar and bass technical whisk the sangar and howling vocals paraunya and sometimes framed by the sweet harmony soud keyboard / sampling until no one if they menganalogikan experimental music on line with menggusung liryc death metal-themed song liryc social humanity. Trying to lift a reality of light and dark sides of human life and its wheels in the world. Anger and emotions are still dominant in the lyrics.
And fuel hope to present a new breakthrough in the metal scene in Bali, so that the fuel will be accepted by the scenes of this earth metal universe.
Discography From the beginning up until now, been mimiliki fuel fed a whole album title: Nu Born, the debut album was released together with launchingnya on August 10, 2006 and then in the Wood Fire Club, the Kuta Galeria. This album contains 10 songs, lyrics which uses two languages: Indonesian and English. DQ recording process carried out in the studio, which handled directly by the fuel and Dicky and assisted by the Court. Petrol is also involved in several compilation albums, namely: Grindcorner Compilation: Grind At The Corner (Paranoid) 2005: Track-trendsetter compilation Skipped (Acrimonious Hate) in 2006. Mavericks Moshpit Compilation (Impurity) in 2007, and the latest Indie Battle Compilation (Sympossium 666) in 2008. Petrol is also producing a video clip which is also involved in the compilation trendsetter Videos Us, (6) years ago in 2006

Band Members :

*Cox - Vocalist
*Didot - Guitarist
*Zurya - Guitarist
*R-Ga - Bassist
*Deva - Samplers
*C-Matz - Drumers

Influences :

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