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Biography :

GREENFLAG was formed in August 2004 with the early formation Ngab (vocals, guitar), Yudho (guitar), Salem Zombie (bass) and Didit (drums). In April 2007 Didit and salmon leave the GREENFLAG with the welcome mat next jobs add drums drummer wearing eco (Brutalator) and bass by Rio. In April 2007 GREENFLAG arrival of new personnel, Jesus took over vocals guitar Ngab who concurrently. And next June GREENFLAG get the drummer Jhon (krubunkset) that have a character games accordance with the concept of music that brought GREENFLAG. However, in August 2008 with Yudho think to resign reasons for jobs ago night cloud guitar position previously occupied by Rio occupy the bass, while seeing the empty bass position GREENFLAG not stay silent interval of one month finally complete as Bassist GREENFLAG Danang. Formation, up to now: Isa (Growl) Ngab (Guitar) Rio (Guitar), Danang (Bass) John (Drums).

Band Members :

* Isa - Growl
* Ngab - Guitar
* Rio - Guitar
* Danang - Bass
* John - Drums

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