Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Death Couple

Biography :

Bandung,Indonesia 2006, DEATH COUPLE was brought together with the intention of forging obscenely death metal. Since the band's inception, they have received great acclaim for their 'Terhimpit Alat Vital' demo.As with many bands over the years, DEATH COUPLE weathered lineup changes and the ravages of time but pressed on in their dedication to forge new levels of death metal, heaviness and groove.DEATH COUPLE has set out to push forward beyond the conventional formula which seems to flood the genre these days. Composed of members of the original DEATH COUPLE. The end result is a precise and tightly woven fusion of death metal & guttural, groove-laden insanity. Stay Brutal!

Band Members :

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Influences :

*Disgorge U.s

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