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Biography :

Form in 1993 ey former Suckerhead's front man, Wacked holding guitars and vocals position, along with Jorghy on bass and Erwin on drums, within a year these trio then change their band Members became Wacked - guitars & vocals, Jorghy - guitars, Bay - bass, Robin - drums. These formation manage to released their unforgettable anthem, the original DOOMSDAY. In the same year Jorghy and Bay left the band to continue his college, and Robin joined Suckerhead. Soon major changes happen with the recruitment of Laurent on guitars, Killjames on vocals and Denny on drums also Bobby on bass. These bastard united done a lot of bloody and crazy things in the scene, even after Wacked and Laurent decided to leave the band in 1996 and followed by Bobby in the next year. Soon Ricky took over guitar position and St. Ino on bass the musical structure remains insane but the inside part of the band is tearing apart. Situation getting worst after the second released, in the preparation for the third released Killjames left the band. The real doomsday is happened now for the band. The rest of the band really did something shitty.....No matter what Grausig has left something in the history of brutal death metal industry in their country scene, which not much other has ever managed to do the same shit..... Not just musically, lifestyle, also believe! That's in the past, now some of the original members were did some serious talking and planning about the awakened of this band in a reunion concert.....Hopefully will be done in this year, due to their activity at works.....About what will happen after the reunion no one knows what will happen. Only they can make the decision. Maybe we can hope thy also going to released their 3rd long lost album VISION OF ENSLAVED UPON MY LIZARD SIDE.....The reunion so far will be involved by the original members, Wacked, Denny and Killjames..... THE REUNION WILL BE PLACED JUST BY THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS!!! THE REUNION WAS PLANNED BY THE FOUNDER OF THE BAND, WACKED!!! The reunion is truly dedicated to all the death metal motherfuckers that realized without any doubt that we're spawned into this world to deliver heavy shit that you need to hear! Regarding the released after Killjames left the band in year of 2000, it's a fucked up album under license of an idiot that trying to ruin the band, it got nothing to do with our shit..... DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO IT!!! NOW GRAUSIG IS IN GOOD HANDS WHO CAN KEEP THEM AS BLACK AS EVER!!! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT HOW THESE MOTHERFUCKERS DOING THIS LATELY, GET THE UPDATES, YOU CAN SMOKE SOME JOINT AND DRINK UP A BOTTLE OR TWO VODKA ALSO LEFT A MESSAGE OR EVEN TALK TO WACKED HIMSELF DIRECTLY AT +628128580666 TO CONTACT GRAUSIG VIA EMAIL SEND TO ACHTUNG!!! WHEN WERE ABOUT TO PERFORMED LIVE ON STAGE WE WILL INFORMED YOU THROUGH THIS PAGE!!! ONE MORE THING...RICKY IS NO LONGER PART OF GRAUSIG! HE IS FUCKING TERMINATED!!!FOREVER! THESE MOTHERFUCKERS WE'RE REALLY BUSY AT THIS MOMENT. DUE MANY THINGS CAME UP TO PROCESS OF THE REUNION ONLY POSSIBLE TO BE DONE HOPEFULLY AT THE EARLY OF 2010. IT IS CONFIRMED!!! WE ALSO LOOKING FORWARD TO ATTACKING THE STAGE LIKE WE USED TO BE BEFORE THE MILLENIUM, JUST KEEP CHECKING THE PAGE TO SEE THE UPDATES ABOUT GRAUSIG SECOND COMING!!! GENERAL UPDATES: Denny is back and ready, hope there is no more delayed from today's schedule.

Band Members :

*Killjames - Vocalist
*Wacked - Guitarist
*Bobby - Bassist
*Denny - Drummers

General : We're Officially Looking For a Drummer.
For More Information, Please Contact HERE

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