Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Babi Liar

Biography :

BABI LIAR are brutal death metal band since 2004 from bandung - west java indonesia Same with other bands,we also changeable player.And now last line up of BABI LIAR are: Ocky as Vokill Billy as Guitar Tommy as Bass Yayan as Drum BABI LIAR begun by Ocky and Yayan that want to make a Brutal death metal band and Ocky recruit Tommy as a Bassis and Billy as a guitaris. We grow from a little city in West Java (cimahi) With Alcohol,Brutality and Bitterlife in Military City. But Billy and Yayan Life in Bandung.So we playing under banner Bandung Death Metal Sindikat, Cimahi Death Metal and Indonesian Death Metal. We attempt to give new breath of Brutal Death Metal sound to more Brutality and Technical From a sound.With influences Like as : Disgorge(us), Suffocation, Devourment, Deicide, Necrophagist, Disavowed, Septycal Gorge, Dying Fetus, Malevolent Creation, Behemoth, Deeds of flesh(old), Nile, Decrepit Birth. And BABI LIAR tell the story of Bitterlife,Savagery,Death,Live,Gore,Brutality,sin,greed, And Discontent.And with performance with "indo blasting brutality from bandung"Hell Yeah.. Giving New breath of brutal death metal sound not be significant from old school death metal sound.Because we like that.old school death metal! From now BABI LIAR running with new concept.Very seen change of music.and for sample BABI LIAR at compilasi "mutation from devastation" with titled "Aroma Surga" realese by Morggorm Music (Malaysia) 2007. It Very Different with new concept of BABI LIAR.we try to be more BRUTAL AND TECHNICAL!! so thanx for read our profile,and we wait for your comment and gigz.. Let's fuckin Brutal With BABI LIAR sound!! Cheerz..

Band Members :

*Ocky Ivandra - Vocalist
*Billy Ariezona - Guitarist
*Tomy Novrizal - Bassist
*Yayan Mulyana - Drummers

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