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Biography :

Devoured was founded in Yogyakarta Indonesia on early 1998. In the first time they decide to play death metal such as the most USA bands like Disgorge, Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, etc. In last of September 2002 they entered studio to record their first demo CDr. The title is "Perpetual Carnage" which contains 3 songs of groovy brutal death metal. 300 copies sold every where. Good support comes from metal head, Webzines, etc. In mid of August 2004 they entered studio to record thier second demo CDr "Zombie Massacre" which contains 3 songs of brutal head crushing death metal. In last of October 2004 they signed to Disembowel Records for three ways split tape with two monsters from Germany, they are Despondency and Infested. In early of November 2004 they entered studio again to record three ways split. Contain 5 songs. In early December the master songs was complete and also mastering by Keisuke Tsuboi / Vomit Remnants drummer. They also participated in many various artist in Indonesia. CDr"Devoured" selling pretty well in USA and Europe. Early 2007, Devoured also participated in 5 ways split CD release by Life of Fluid Production/ Tasmania Australia. Also opening act for Disgorge/USA when touring Indogrinesia 2006. Long time silent; Topaz leave the band and Roy from Death Vomit replace his position. After Death Vomit record their third album; Devoured will follow...
Sad news, Roy was leave the band for concentrate his core band Death Vomit. Hail to him...

Band Members :

*I Nyoman Sastrawan - Vocalist
*Safik Rosad - Guitarist
*Sri Mulyadi Akmal - Bassist
*Roy Agus - Drummers

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