Monday, July 26, 2010


Biography :

INVADER born in november 2008. The name is diclared by Kancil Jibril, the vocalist band deathmetal in bandung,where his bands name is JIHAD. In desember 2008, we also record our hits single with title “Benten galur dugi ka surga”.
the 1st line up :

*Asep Rohmansyah - Vocalist
*Adjie Adikusumah - Guitarist
*Fajar Hasanul Luthfi - Guitarist
*Aditya Rudi - Bassist
*Alviandra Sukma Putra - Drummers

During 2009, we found a lot of problems in this band. After we changes our members, this problem make us hard to make concept for our songs. And in november 2009, we deicide to continue this band only with 3 person. About our concept and lyrics, we try to make a new innovations in deathmetal only with 3 persons.

and the new line up :

*Adjie Adikusumah - Guitarist and Vocalist
*Reza Arya Fadillah - Bassist
*Alviandra Sukma Putra - Drummers

We ready to represent music “EXTREME DEATH HARMONIC METAL”. We also mixed our old concept with our new concept. And the results is, a new innovation music in deathmetal ! Enjoy our death fuck'in song ! Support your local band and your local movement !!

News :

In 2010 we will release again our demo. This demo has been delayed for 2 years. Slightly different with our old concept but still fucking brutal and harmonic !

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