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Biography :

Opium was formed in early 2007 with a line up Fajar (Vocals), Tony (Guitar), Arief (Drums), Yorghi (Bass). After walking a while we prepare the material with genre Brutal Death Metal.
Then we give our band name with "Sodomical of God", after that yorghi leave the band. There due to personal affairs are not serious about making music, then over time we prepare materials with more mature and rename Sodomical Of God become Opium.
After we agreed search for replacement players to fill the vacancy yorghi bass on Opium, finally in mid-2007 we chose Hadi as our new bass player in Opium, not long afterwards, Hadi was resigned because busy about his work,we didn't despair constantly looking for replacement players while the line-up.
During one year,at the beginning of 2008 we finally met Chandra Ex Faith Must Pain, and Chandra eager to fill the emptyness bass position in Opium, and then we agreed to recruit Chandra as new bass player in OPIUM, and in Mid-2008 Opium lauched Promo song with the title, "Bingkai Mayat Membusuk", "Propaganda Religion",etc. With the latest line up is Fajar (Vocals) Tony (Guitar) Chandra (Bass) and Arief (Drums). And this line up continue to survive until now.

Band Members :

*Fajar - Vocalist
*Toni - Guitarist
*Chandra - Bassist
*Arief - Drummers

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