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Triple Six

Biography :

Triple Six, a group of metal bands that come from the City of Bali, was founded in 1995 in Denpasar, which was originally founded by beings metal music fans joined in the container "BALI 19-21 DEATHRASHER CORPSEGRINDER". The idea initially began as a collector-collector named RADIO AM radio battered Yudha headquartered in intimate corner (where the clay mejeng girls pass) road Hayam Wuruk Denpasar. Then Jember, Wier and decks Bens agreed to form a group called TRIPLE SIX metal band which means that three of six digits. By holding two personnel to complete the formation TRIPLE SIX formations formed as follows: The deck Bens: Bass Wier: Vondalt Guitar: Guitar Dwi: Drums Jember: Live Vocal performances prime TRIPLE SIX is Sunday Hot Music '95. A fairly large event at that time, initiated by an event organizer CRAPT ENTERTAINMENT & sound equipment at that time famous. Furthermore, large and small events up to the row-row once in jajal by TRIPLE SIX with various ups and downs. Not long ago (in 1996) Unlimited (drums) to resign for any reason, then at that position in the contents of the drum by Gus Tut (Angle Head / Rotten Soul) with sessionis status. Because the study workload reason Jember (Vocal) is often absent in the venue, then the vocals while the contents of Bens double bass and decks for the next join Indra (ex. Debtor) to fill the vacant vocal position. This formation also did not last long because Wier (Guitar) TRIPLE SIX leave because of the difficulty orgasm, considering TRIPLE SIX other personnel were not able to satisfy his desire to climax. But open it to be impotent or infertile, actually proved the existence kemetalannya form the next group of bands together Jember Infrenal Desire. Even TRIPLE SIX already dying and on the verge of collapse because the two founders but left many sympathizers who want TRIPLE SIX fixed metal flying at the music, then join the two personnel at a time ie Budi (ex. L Nino) on drums and generous filling the position of lead guitar position. So TRIPLE SIX Formation were: Deck Bens: Bass generous: Lead Guitar Vondalt: Budi Guitar: Drums Indra: Vocal Budi did not last long because of the rush and then the position could be replaced Weny (ex Debtor) although did not get to perform in venues but a few songs had created at that time. Because Weny must change domicile outside of Bali, the position of the contents of the drum at Donny (Misty) with status sessionis but Vondalt (guitar) resigned when it was due to reasons ksibukan the study. But TRIPLE SIX never subside and continue to finalize a few songs and in early 1999 TRIPLE SIX successfully completed a debut album entitled insistent BUTHCHERY OF Massacre. Where to TRIPLE SIX complete the formation into the kitchen while recording digandenglah Paul guitar fills pisisi Vondalt replace. But this formation did not last long because Paul departed from TRIPLE SIX and slanjutnya formation that remains is: Deck Bens: Bass generous: Guitar Dony: Indra Drums: Vocal After a long time in this formation is to survive until it reaches a saturation point until TRIPLE SIX experienced a vacuum in addition to the event metal-event when it was contracted. We tried to evoke Grindcorner Bali metal bands with an idea Grindcorner Bali Bali Compilation, TRIPLE SIX also participated but Dony (drums) and generous (Guitar) hard resurrected from the long sleep. Finally TRIPLE SIX sessionist assisted by two people from a group of arteries which Infectous Budi (drums) and Layem (guitar) with the help of two personnel from the German Task (guitar) from a group of Dazed and Jan (backing vocals) from the Group completed a one song Bleed SINNERS Doctor in the new album, entitled Queen Compilation Grindcorner Bali. Noted several sessionist who had helped during vacuum TRIPLE SIX Budi and besides there are also Layem Donny (ex.Sajen-Jakarta), fill the drum position, Leong and Surya (ex. Demonstration Effects) to fill the position of the drums and guitar, Terio (Infernal Corpse) fill the drum position. Will determinedly continue to fly the flag TRIPLE SIX until dead then in 2007 at TRIPLE SIX relaunching with the merger of two ex personnel. Eternal Madness Gung ie Kock (drums) and D'thra (Guitar), so that the formation becomes TRIPLE SIX: The deck Bens: Bass's Indra: Vocal Deathra: Guitar Gung Kock: Drum merger of Gung Kock and D'thra bring new colors for the TRIPLE SIX, nuance somewhat different, more progressive and brutal. Some song material has been prepared for the second album TRIPLE SIX plan. But amid the trip Gung Kock could not proceed with the project TRIPLE SIX albums because they have to migrate to the LN for a living. Drum position while in substitute by Terio (Infernal Corpse). In the year 2009 upon his return from overseas projects Gung Kock continued this album again, but all previous songs unused material and replaced with a newer concept of the song again and feels more fitting with Origin terinfluence group makes TRIPLE SIX songs on this album are given later Search for "Feel What I Feel" accounted worthy. Without intending to become the band's most brutal music we also mengkonsep TRIPLE SIX frankly that this is the most delicious style we play given the proliferation of metal music today is increasingly growing and varied, we also do not want to fall asleep in ignorance and music rooted in the concept so -just like that. Because the busyness that can not be abandoned and the project plans to launch the second album was forced Indra (vocal) in the disabling of the last formations So TRIPLE TRIPLE SIX SIX are: Deathra: Guitar, Vocal Bens deck: Bass, Backing Vocal Gung Kock: Drums, Backing Vocal.

Band Members :

*Gung Kock - Guitarist and Vocalist
*Dek Bens - Bass and Backing Vocal
*Deathra - Lead Guitar
*Bayu - Drummers

Influences :


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