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Dressed E Minor

Biography :

Beginning of the emergence of Dressed E Minor in the world originates from a group of young people we Singosari who likes grunge and often hung out together. Whether because of its frequency of hang out and feel crisp, we finally got together and started working. Because the name means so much to show our existence, then there was an agreement the name of the band, Avian Bone. And feel of grunge was so dominating in Avian Bone which was declared in 2002 with the formation Dian (drums), Enoz (guitar), Tetenk (guitar), Ribut (bass), Eris (Vox).

Acara2 mixture of grunge and the gigs started our routine bernarsis sambangi to add hours of flying fun and Avian Bone. Along with a growing period, rolling and spinning, with unanimous agreement among the five of us, in the year 2004 Avian Bone metamorphose into Dressed to E Minor. Dressed to E Minor formation until the beginning of the year 2009 is Dian (drums), Enoz (guitar), Tetenk (guitar), Pram (bass), Eris (Vox). At the beginning of the year 2009 was also, Pram (bass) resigned because of the concentration taken to a lecture. The position of the bass is now replaced by the SAS, which is actually the crew of the Dressed to E Minor.

Actually some of us, Dressed to E Minor is not the first band that "transit". As ever in Tetenk Grumble Grunt (RIP) and sharps (RIP), Enoz in the Department of Finance (vacuum) and the Truth of God, Pram in Morganlander (vacuum).

After so many time travel and such tumultuous, confusing and crowded variety of music available, we finally make a choice to run on an alternative route, without intending-boxing music is indeed a universal language. Dressed to E Minor trying to combining riff2 berpindah2 guitar, a little bumbu2 speedmetal who are not so speed & hyperblast who are not so hyper, and beat2 among alternative to hardcore.

To influence Dressed to E Minor, all music, from the local scene product (FWF, Extreme Decay, Burgerkill ... dmbl -> and many more) to nonlocal Deftones, Poison the Well ,.... etc), all kinds of music ( grunge, punk, deathmetal, grindcore, ... etc) are references in music that has no measurable cost.
Dressed to E Minor profile Also published in Common Ground Music Magazine.

Band Members :

* Eris - Vocals
* Enoz - Guitar
* Tetenk - Guitar
* Ribut - Bass
* Dian - Drums

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