Monday, July 5, 2010

Vindictive Of God

Biography :

Vindictive of god is rythm terrorist to back a darkness cerremonial irrecoverable... Vindictive of god stend on 08 Oct '02 sukun chaos malang east java. And the five souldiers from hell,to keep it loyally we are for slum: Gaplo(screaming system) Michinoku(killer six string's) Nathanael Oedin(crack's hammer) Steve Pain(death instrument) Devil (masturbasick growl) Pada mulanya Vindictive of god beraliran hard core metal,that every their live show, excluding the person addressed the order band song's we felt it's enough and found a match music new concept "Campursari Metal Core" booking contact: jl.Rangkok 1 sukun Malank east java jl.Meliwis 57 sukun Malank east java.

Band Members :

*Gaplo - Screaming System
*Nathanael - Crack's Hammer
*Michinoku - Killer Six String's
*Devil - Masturbasick Growl
*Pain - Death Instrument

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