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Biography :

Asphyxiate was born to this hell pit in July 1998. Hailing from Bekasi, Indonesia, it was started by the initial formation of Josh (guitar), Dhana (bass/vocals) and Reno (drums). In November 1998, Indra joined the horde handling bass so Dhana could concentrate on his vocals. With this formation, Asphyxiate played a few original songs and some covers from Death Metal gods such as Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh (old), Cryptopsy (old), Prophecy, Beheaded, etc. In the mid 1999, Deaddy joined to handle guitars. Sadly, Dhana got an accident and passed away to join the Satan legion. Therefore, we decided to search for a substitute, and soon, we were introduced to Heru (ex-Hypoxia) who helped with additional vocals. Early August 2002, Heru was forced to leave the band due to his uncompromised personal life. However, we were grateful to have him and we really appreciate his contribution. Temporarily, Josh took over the vocals for our debut "The Process of Mutilation", released by Undying Music (Indonesia), which was then re-released by Despise the Sun Records (Italy). To add, Asphyxiate also appeared on some local and international compilation albums. End of 2003, we agreed on having just one guitarist and Deaddy, instead, took over the vocals for Asphyxiate as we believed, and still believe that his monstrous vocals really suits this band. Another accident struck us again in early 2005, which forced some formation changes again, with the entry of Atenx (drums) and Eric (bass). Unfortunately, this didn't last, and as a result, we were glad to have Reno and Indra back to join us in our journey to endless mutilation. In September 2007, again, Indra left and fortunately, Adi came in. Consisting of this bunch of mother fuckers, we did lots of shows and tours with both local and international Death Metal sickos. Now we are done with writing our new materials for our upcoming new album, which are just left with recording planned to be released in early 2009. early 2009 we has signs with two International Label: Despise The Sun Records (italy) and Sevared Records (usa) with entitled "Anatomy of Perfect Bestiality", this co-production would be great step for Asphyxiate.

Band Members :

*Deaddy - Vocalist
*Josh - Guitarist
*Adi - Bassist
*Reno - Blast / Drummers

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