Friday, July 16, 2010

Final Attack

Biography :

Final Attack formed in mid 2004 by Widi, Indra"Chino", Joneh. It wasnt till later on Andri and our original drummer Bagoes joined the band to complete the line up. In a time where every hardcore band in Indonesia try to play as melodic as they can, Final Attack dare to play straight up pissed off, fast and heavy hardcore influenced by bands like Cro Mags, Leeway, Madball, Negative Approach, Minor threat, Void. We had a few drummer changes and now Ikhsan is standing strong on the drummer position. Final Attack have 2 releases under their hands, the "legitimate threat" full length and "length of time" EP/mini album both releases on Firstnote records and soon will be releasing their second full length album released by mutiple record labels from Japan(akashic records), Singapore(reconstrux records), Indonesia(firstnote records). The line up today is defenitily the most strong and solid line up of the bands history. Final Attack is going strong.

Band Members :

Sweet Widi - Vocalist
Indra Chino - Guitarist
Andri Radi - Guitarist
Joneh - Bassist
Ikhsan - Drummers

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